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Up until a few years ago, Betadine was the standard suggested aftercare, but iodine based products have never been well suited for cleaning fresh piercings. (Especially around eyes and ears). It is intended for use on non broken skin, the label should state: �for external use only.�  If the iodine solution is left in contact with the skin for prolonged periods of time, a sensitivity problem may develop. This is called contact dermatitis. Some iodine solutions, also contain citric acid. �Would you like some lemon juice for your navel piercing?� 

Full time piercers have had great success with the liquid soaps containing the active ingredient triclosan. Dial, Neutrogena, Almay, Johnson & Johnson�s, Soft-soap, and Lever2000 liquid anti-bacterial soaps are adequate, thorough cleansers when used regularly and correctly. If however, the colors and fragrances in this soap should cause a rash there are a few alternate products less readily available, but just as good; one of these is Clearly Natural with the active ingredient Chloroxylenol 0.3%. 

  • After washing off all dried matter collected on jewelry using soapy water, liquid soap should be gently worked into the piercing by rotating the jewelry carefully. Leave the soap in contact for one minute then rinse for a minute more. Keep it simple.

Tongue pierce care:

  • Ice tonight, let one ice cube after another melt on your tongue. 
  • 50/50 mouth wash/water: one cap mouthwash, one cap of water in a separate glass. 
  • Rinse after you eat or drink anything, (other than bottled water.) 
  • Ibuprofen: take at least 300 mg., but not more than 500 mg. the next morning to reduce swelling.

Additional Cleansing Tips:

  • Alcohol is an inflammatory. Inflaming a piercing is not good. Don't use alcohol.
  • Anyone who thinks Anti-Bacterial ointments are appropriate for use on a body piercing, please read the label at lease once: �Not for use on puncture wounds.� Piercing � Puncture, different words but same idea.
  • Saline is just not strong enough, but often provides great relief to infected piercings when used as a hot soak. Make sure to rinse the salt water out of piercing with clean warm water
  • Hot compresses help speed up your blood circulation and bring co-factors to the affected area. A hot compress a few times a day has nursed many angry piercings to a happy ending. Remember you are not trying to kill anything. You are just trying to give your body a helping hand.
  • Don't jump from method to method and product to product. Give your chosen method some time to become effective.
  • Try to clean the piercing at the same time each day.
  • If your piercing is truly infected a trip to the doctor may be the only responsible choice. Try  to speak to a doctor who is familiar with piercings. Infections can be hard to spot. 
  • Part of your piercing fee goes toward helping you heal your pierce any questions you have no matter how small should be directed to your piercer. Opinions are like pie holes, everybody has one. Your friend whose cousin had a pierce, who did this or that to heal it, is an idiot. And you can tell them I said so. Your piercing cost money - it is an investment you do not want to lose. 
  • Do not take your pierce out with out consulting your piercer first.

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